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Who We Are

Conference Innovators was founded in 1994 by Megan O'Brien and is led by Directors, (Mr) Tracey Thomas and Rachel Cook. In that time, CI has put together many fantastic conferences, conventions, convocations, symposia, trade shows and exhibitions, meetings, seminars and reunions all over New Zealand and beyond. You can be assured of working with professional and experienced staff who can meet any challenge you care to throw at them.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with a professional, high quality, personalised service.

Our Journey

Born in 1994, Conference Innovators started with just two employees in tiny premises in Essex Street, Christchurch. With an initial client list of only two, founder Megan O'Brien grew the portfolio to 30 conferences in just four years.

By 2004, the company had grown so much that a second Director was brought on board and Mr Tracey Thomas joined the CI family to give Megan more time to do what she does best; manage amazing events!

In 2007, the Auckland office was opened; by 2013 the CI team had grown to 18, while the client list had exceeded 100; and in 2016 we opened our third office in Wellington.

Today CI are regarded as industry experts, working all over New Zealand and Australia with hundreds of happy clients all over the world.